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How to Make a Graph on Microsoft Excel in 4 Steps

Shaun M Jooste


Using Microsoft Excel on Windows and Mac is becoming one of the best ways to store, manipulate and analyze data. With many different features specifically for data analysis, it is easy to understand why the program is so popular.

One of the ways you can present your data is through the use of graphs and pie charts. This may sound complicated to do within a computer program, but fear not, Excel has made it a simple process.

  1. Enter Data Into the Spreadsheet

    How to Make a Graph on Microsoft Excel

    Before you can start to make a graph, you first need to have data available. In your Excel spreadsheet add the data that you want to create the graph for. Also, make sure to add clear headings to your columns and rows as this will be included in your graph’s axis and is needed to clearly understand what you are looking at.

  2. Select the Range of Data to Be Used in the Graph

    How to Make a Graph on Microsoft Excel

    Next, you need to highlight the data that you want to use in your graph. You can do this by clicking and dragging the mouse across the cells you want to use. Remember to include the headings.

  3. Choose Chart Type

    How to Make a Graph on Microsoft Excel

    With the data selected click on ‘Insert’ in the top ribbon, now navigate to the dropdown list of all the ‘Recommended Charts’ and choose the graph that will best represent your data from the various options. Once you’ve clicked on the chart type, the program will automatically generate your graph from the data you selected.

  4. Check and Improve Your Graph

    How to Make a Graph on Microsoft Excel

    Now that the graph has been generated you can check that the elements appear correct, and make adjustments such as the size of the graph, title of the graph and axis, change the colors used, and the display.

Creating Simple Graphs to Represent Data in Excel

With Excel, it is simple to create graphs to represent your data visually. Being able to use graphs is great when you need to present information to others as it makes the data easier to understand and visualize.

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